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AR Build Junkie - Evolve Weapons Systems E-15 Enhanced Rifle Video Overview
We've spent some time with an Evolve Weapons Systems E-15 Enhanced Rifle and wanted to share our initial impressions on the new rifle, which has been starting to generate positive feedback online. The rifle is extremely well manufactured and assembled, features premium components, a serialized upper, lower and bolt carrier group, and accuracy wise is producing sub-MOA groups. The rifle is also backed by a no-questions asked lifetime warranty.
Defcon Creative - Evolve Weapons Systems: 8.3" 300 blackout
Evolve Weapons Systems makes an awesome gun at a very reasonable price, and check out my review of the 11.5" for all the details on the company. This is the first 300blk I've ever owned.... and the review is more about the caliber than the gun itself. I'm gonna need a bit more time to decide if the price and oddities of 300blk are worth it to me, or if I am just gonna stick to 7.62 for my fat boolits outta short guns.
Defcon Creative - Evolve Weapons Systems 11.5" E15 Enhanced: Get in on the ground floor baby...
I love finding out about gun companies within the first few years of their existence when they are in the sweet spot of building excellent products and providing killer customer service. Too often when companies get popular their quality and CS suffers AND it takes forever to get their gear. I met Adam from Evolve Weapons Systems a few years back and just picked up a couple of the guns he is building to review them and look at as a potential source for mid-high tier guns.
Desk Pop Shots - Evolve Weapon Systems Review
Kyle and Li-Ta discuss Evolve rifles and various topics
Evolve Weapons Systems – AR-15 An ARBuildJunkie Q&A with Adam Tarr
With quality control and attention-to-detail sometimes suffering in the firearms industry, Evolve Weapons Systems is quietly producing quality, properly built ARs from their McKinney, Texas headquarters. We recently sat down with co-owner Adam Tarr to discuss his company’s philosophy, others he looks up to in the industry, what consumers should be looking for in an AR-15, and why the small things matter when building a reliable AR.

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