E-15 Enhanced Rifle
Evolve Rifle
Starting at the E-15 Standards benchmark for quality, the E-15 Enhanced provides the shooter with added performance and function upgrades. Ambidextrous safety, enhanced BCG, and Geissele trigger and more, the Enhanced comes loaded. Evolve Weapon Systems proves that form and function are not mutually exclusive.


  1. Dead Air © silencer ready muzzle brake
  2. E-Grip MLOK Handguard
  3. Ambidextrous Safety ; QD end plate
  4. Radian Raptor charging handle
  5. Geissele trigger & Upgraded Buffer System
  6. Magpul MIAD grip / Magpul STR stock

Available Configurations

  • 18” 223 Wylde SPR
  • 16” 5.56, 300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC
  • 14.5” 5.56, 300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC

*Due to potential supply issues, some parts may vary from description. All parts will be of equal or better quality and value.